Food Growing with Little Ones

From the age of 12 months, our little gardener, was crawling into the veggie patch to pick the red cherry tomatoes.   I will never forget my surprise and delight, watching her eat her first handful of fresh,  organic cherry tomatoes straight from the bush.

Six months later, she is pulling radishes from the ground and eating them. 

There is nothing like planting seeds and watching them grow into food producing plants.  Still today as an adult, I’m excited seeing seeds sprout.  Therefore I can only imagine how wondrous it is for children.

Hoping these photos may inspire and encourage you to start growing your own food.  If you have never tried, start with some herbs as they can grow in pots if you have no space and are generally easier to grow.

Enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables, is just one of many benefits of growing your own food.






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