Levelling the Land, Ready for Wicking Garden Beds


The project for today was to ready the ground for the wicking garden beds.  Sounds easy enough?!?  All I’ll say is everyone will sleep extremely well tonight.

This is what the area/ground looked like before commencement.


Yes that is a gentle slope towards the South and East. As wicking garden beds need to be level, we had some work to do.

The lawn was firstly mowed to a millimeter of it’s life. Then a rotary hoe / tiller was used to remove the grass (Hubbie affectionately nick named the machine, ‘The Tiller The Hun’).  Only then could we attempt to level the area.




All the while our project manager kept a close eye on the workers.


Until she fell asleep.


Oh yeah…and it rained….


So now we have our six old fruit farming crates in position.


Tomorrow we will continue by ensuring all crates are perfectly level and placing mulch over the soil (help to limit the grass and weeds from growing back – eventually we will have ground covering, country cottage plants growing amongst the crates and stepping stones).

Then What?  We will be ready to build the wicking garden beds.  We desire to use all recycled materials for the project and hence we now looking for:

* Old carpet
* Builders black plastic
* Gravel or scoria or rubbled concrete
* Shade cloth
* PVC pipe and elbows
* Agi pipe

If you have any of these items lying around that you don’t need, we would love to buy them – take them off your hands.

To be continued……

2 thoughts on “Levelling the Land, Ready for Wicking Garden Beds

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