Making Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Lately I have been saving any slightly stale bread, that previously would have been given to the compost or worms. The current movement to rethink throwing useable leftover food out, has inspired me.  Even though it has been many years since any of our kitchen, organic waste went to landfill (thanks to our compost, worm farm and bokashi bins)  we can still improve on not wasting food.

It is relatively easy to come up with creative and retro ideas to reuse food that normally is destined for the bin.  Making our own gluten free bread crumbs was an idea inspired from this baking failure…..

Old bread can be made into bread crumbs……a gluten free bread that didn’t rise well, making it very tough to eat (I was trying a new cooking method).  Instead of feeding the worms with my baking disaster, I decided to turn this ‘loaf’, along with other bread leftovers, into bread crumbs.

Of course as all bread was gluten free, the bread crumbs will also be gluten free.   This same technique can also be used for gluten bread too.

Start by adding cut up bread pieces onto an oven tray.

Add old bread to baking tray to make bread crumbsBake on a low heat for an hour (I set the oven to 75 degrees C).

Allow to cool then add to a food processor.



Homemade bread crumbs can last up to twelve months in a sealed containerApparently dry bread crumbs will store in a glass jar or canister for up to a year.

Much better use for left over bread (our worms have plenty to eat anyway).


2 thoughts on “Making Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

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