Planting Newspaper Pots Straight into the Garden


It is again time to plant the newspaper garden pot seedlings straight into the patch.

As mentioned previously,  this job is so easy and fun for children to do.  Just dig a hole and plant the seedling and newspaper pot all together.  As the roots of the seedlings are not disturbed,  the success rate for the plant thriving is increased.

I have been planting broad bean seedlings this week.  Before I started planting,  I  added some chicken manuer and compost to the soil in preparation (dig it in, all together).

The broad bean seedlings were planted into a circular formation. Bamboo stakes positioned behind each seedling then tied together at the top, to resemble a teepee.  The stakes will support the plants as they grow.

Then I added some pea straw as a mulch.

Very simple.








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