Pre Loved Stories and Warmth

The cold windy weather has motivated me to update the hard plastic bar stool, that I have been using as a nursery chair.  Every night, bottle and story time is dampened by that uncomfortable chair.

For some time I have had an Ebay alert for a second hand ‘rocking chair’ within 50 kilometers from our home. Last week I believed I was alerted to our ‘new’ nursery chair.  Advertised as the most comfortable rocking chair ever,  the pictures portrayed an old yet loved chair.  This was the one.

Last night the cold winds blew but inside our nursery, I was warm and comfortable as our little one drank her bed time milk on my lap.  She drifted off to sleep with tales of bees and butterflies, as the chair rocked gently.

I sat rocking and thinking of the  generations of mothers and children before me, who loved this chair.

Many today have a mindset that new is always best, but for me, often ‘new’ is lacking. Lacking of history, stories and warmth.

I had intentions of painting the chair’s frame white and updating the upholstery.  However since positioning it into our nursery, I have fallen in love with it’s outdated retro style.  I can’t explain it but I feel this old pre loved rocking chair has found a home with us and us with it.  It has brought another layer of warmth to our daughter’s bedroom – something that buying brand new could never have done.



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