End Life for Children’s Toys

Recently our local council conducted a curb clean up.  It appeared that every second home was throwing out lots of plastic children’s toys.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am conflicted with curb clean ups – in this instance we scored many free children’s toys however my heart sinks with the knowledge of the tremendous waste being sent to landfill.  Plastic toys children play with today that will sit polluting landfill for many generations.

In our family we do not buy new plastic toys and try to respectively educate & persuade others who desire to buy gifts for our little one (can be tricky).

On Saturday we visited a local fate where we purchased a number of second hand toddler’s winter clothes.  I also saw and purchased this little toy for 50 cents.


Deja-vu! I remember playing with this toy when I was a little girl. Now a new generation is enjoying this happy retro phone – challenging older generations with their belief of ‘brand new is best’.


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