Creating a Disco for The Locals

After spending much of Saturday rejuvenating an old garden bed, I was heart broken this morning.  I actually saw ‘locals’ happily frolicking and digging in my new garden bed. 

After speaking to other gardening neighbours,  I have discovered these annoying ‘locals’ have only just invaded our area.  Pesky non native black birds are causing problems in everyone’s gardens.

I have tried encouraging my dogs to chase them away and also feeding them left overs, as a bribe to avoid my veggie gardens.  I have even tried this…


….A fake hawk that hovers high above our garden but alas the black birds are not only brave but also smart.

So today I decided to erect a bird proof structure around my new garden bed.   Using materials that were recently found on the side of the road (council clean up) or we previously used, I created what looks like a mini bird disco.






Fine netting was secured over the top of wire mesh and poles.  I left only one permanent entrance but it was ‘guarded’ with hanging, light reflecting, old CD’s – a modern scare crow. Also two long mirrors run along the bottom – as black birds are territoryal in the breeding season, seeing themselves in the mirror may deter them.

The finished structure doesn’t look pretty but hopefully it will solve my black bird problem.  If it does then I can create and build something more attractive and permanent.

Fingers crossed that I won’t be heart broken again tomorrow morning.


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