Rejuvenating an Old Garden Bed

Family have affectionately nick named our garden, ‘The Great Archeological Dig of New South Whales’. The reason is because you never know what old ‘treasures’ you will discover when you dig or clean up areas of the garden.

Here is one such Archeological find.


Isn’t she a beauty?  Her head has yet to be located. Yes I am being facetious.

Today I decided to tackle another potential Archeological site. An area that was once a large garden bed on top of a brick retaining wall.  However like a Roman ruin, the retaining wall has deteriorated, leaving scattered rubble.  Weeds have also reclaimed the only remaining section of garden bed.


We have plans to rebuild and extend the retainting wall as this area is prime north facing, edible food growing space. However for now, I have decided to rejuvenate the remaining section of the garden bed for Autumn edible seed planting.

Firstly the weeds were cleared.


Then I removed and relocated the banana passion fruit vine.



As the soil didn’t look healthy, I added compost, chicken manure and worm castings.  I also installed a worm tunnel to feed the added worms, whom will fertilise the garden.

For the worm tunnel, I used a plastic garden pot and added a large hole cut out to one side.


Then I buried the pot into the garden bed, ready for some garden worms and kitchen waste for the worms to eat.  The garden paver is to stop rodents and birds getting in.


Now I am ready to plant my Autumn seeds.

I will photograph the finished results tomorrow to share with you. Stay tuned…….

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