Why I buy Heirloom Seeds?


Heirloom seeds basically come from plants that can not be sourced from nursery or grocery stores.  Old and wondrous plant species that have been saved from extinction.

You only have to think of the great Irish famine of the 1840’s, to understand the importance of seed species diversity when growing food (if the Irish grew more varieties of potato, there would of been more chance of having a crop resistant to the disease that caused the famine).

In regards to edible plants,  heirlooms are exciting and often easier to grow.  Imagine your garden with purple carrots, rainbow spinach, yellow tomatoes and white eggplants.  The possibilities are endless.   Growing heirlooms provide variety and choices you will never find in a grocery store.

Heirlooms is proof that one loan seed saving gardener can make a positive difference in the world.

I purchase my heirloom seeds from the Diggers.  I also joined a local Seed Savers group to learn more and to swap seeds.

Go on, grow something time long forgot in your garden today.  In doing so, you will help to ensure plant species survive and that the large seed companies don’t have total control over our food security (more on this another day).

4 thoughts on “Why I buy Heirloom Seeds?

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