Edible Garden Planning Design

For nine months I have been gaining valuable knowledge about the soil,  sun and the general growing conditions of our new garden.

After much experimenting,  it is now time to plan our new edible growing spaces.   I wanted to design what the finished gardens would look like, by putting it all down on paper.  This then would become our blueprint for direction when free time became available.

The blueprint idea:

* Firstly draw on a large piece of paper existing boundaries and features i.e. fences, sheds, paths and decks etc.  My design wasn’t to scale but measurements were noted in areas where new features were going.

* I noted where North, South, East and West would be.   Most edibles need at least six hours of sunshine, so facing them towards the North in Australia is best.  However providing shade from the harsh Westerly sun is very important.

* Map out the size and shapes for the edible garden spaces.

* On a separate piece of paper, I recorded what food we wanted to grow (based on what we liked to eat). Then grouped them into planting seasons i.e. what seeds to plant in Summer, Spring,  Autumn and Winter.  From here a little research is helpful to decide what seeds would be best to plant together i.e. companion planting, similar water and sun needs etc.

My blueprint design will evolve as time goes on.




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