Is This a Flame Tree?


On the Easten boundary of our front garden, a small tree has self seeded and grown.

As this land area contains our underground septic tank system and rain water tank, new trees are potential problems.  For this reason it needed to be removed.

For now I have transplanted the mystery tree into a large pot (so potential damaging roots are contained from our water and plumbing).

There has been much debate in the family as to what tree this is?  Is it an Illawarra Flame Tree?

I am hoping it is a Flame Tree as it will look majestic as it grows in the large garden pot.   Especially around December when it turns bright red with it’s abundant flowering blooms.

I have dreams of creating a mosaic finish on the pot.  Oh the grand ideas that fill my imagination for this tree, pot and garden space……but first I need to make sure I am not harboring and loving a noxious weed.



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