The No Energy Used Outside Bar Fridge


This is our first Autumn and Winter in our ‘cool temperate highlands’ semi rural home. We have been bracing and preparing for the cold since our arrival.

On Saturday we had some friends over for lunch.  Even though I prepared a home cooked meal from produce grown in our garden, we still had limited space in our fridge to put all the food and drink.

Hubbie was just about to get some ice from the town store, when I had a thought….just put the drinks outside. It didn’t take long till they were cold.

Upon seeing the ‘bar fridge’ our Norwegian friend Hilde, smiled as she reminisced. Apparently when you arrive at a party in Norway, you are greeted with bottles of wine placed outside in the snow.  Nature’s no energy used, outside bar fridge.


2 thoughts on “The No Energy Used Outside Bar Fridge

    • Hello Lovely. Just wonderful catching up with you on Saturday. BTW your gift is going to be featured in an upcoming post. Big hugs. 🙂 ‘


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