Being Gluten & Dairy Intolerant and Vegetarian

When I started blogging on environmental and sustainable matters, I was not a vegetarian.  Nor did I avoid dairy – just gluten intolerant.

My ‘green’ journey has changed and improved so many aspects of my life – my diet being one.

As I was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant in my late teens, I have had many years to adjust and adapt. 

Being gluten intolerant today is not a problem.  Nor is being a vegetarian.   Nor is being dairy intolerant.  Combining all three however is a little challenging at times. 

It is for this reason I desire to share my cooking recipes – I just know there will be others on the same diet, who can benefit.

So hence, I have added two new categories:

* Gluten & Dairy Free and Vegetarian
* Gluten & Dairy Free and Vegan


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