Super Moist Almond and Orange Cake that’s Gluten and Dairy Free

To be honest I never felt this was an attractive looking cake. For me, the appeal is how moist and surprisingly delicious it is – nothing like serving a piece to watch the astonishment on people’s faces.

Firstly I wish to acknowledge my Auntie Annie for sharing this recipe with me last year.


Firstly boil two large oranges for 2 hours (I often do this the night or even day before cooking the cake).


Blend the cooked oranges in a food processor.


Measure 230g of almond meal and 20g of poppy seeds.


Combine into a mixing bowl with 250g of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.


Add 6 eggs and the blended cooked oranges.   Stir throughly with a spoon.


Pour mixture into a 28 inch cake tin. I use dairy free butter to grease the tin then lightly sprinkle gluten free flour on the bottom (old fashioned way of ‘lining’ a tin before baking paper was invented – better as baking paper just ends up in the bin).


Bake in preheated 190 degrees C oven for 40 minutes (or a 170 degrees C fan forced oven – you may want to keep an eye on your cake for the first time, so it doesn’t burn).


As previously mentioned,  I don’t love the look of this cake, so this time I added a light sprinkling of shifted icing sugar on top.

This is one very moist cake.

Bon appetite


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