Baby Nappies, Urine and Citrus


Looking at Bub’s modern cloth nappies soaking, got me thinking…..

…what if I use the urine diluted water on our citrus trees!  Urine is very high in nitrogen which citrus trees love.

Urine is an organic fertiliser but it is advisable to add water with it, which is perfect as I have to soak the nappies anyway.  Even though I use an organic, grey water safe,  nappy laundry soaker, I decided to leave it out for the ‘citrus fertiliser mixture’ – nappies soak in water only if I am going to use on the citrus trees.


When pouring the diluted urine liquid onto the citrus plants, avoid the fruit and the base of the tree.

So now you can tell me if you think I have lost my mind.

2 thoughts on “Baby Nappies, Urine and Citrus

    • Hi There!!

      Glad the tip/idea was helpful. I checked out your website. What a great Australian website for all things baby nappies and bottoms. Just love modern cloth nappies. All the very best for your business.


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