South Facing Home View


View from our front verandah

Most of my gardening attention has been directed towards our edible garden areas – veggie patches, fruit & nut trees.

Today however I wanted to ‘play’ at the front of our house – garden in our South facing areas.  In Australia,  South facing areas don’t get much sunlight so growing most edible food is not possible.  For this reason (and I didn’t want veggie patches at the front) I am focusing purely on design and aesthetics – what will look nice.



Ferns are a natural choice as they prefer little light.  To give different heights (not just ankle high ferns), I have planted Magnolia and Camellia bush varieties that can tolerate low light.

Many plants have been transplanted or propagated from plants grown elsewhere in our garden.  For ideas you can visit your local nursery and pay particular attention to plants under cover or shade cloth – plants needing shade is what you want for South facing areas.

For unique plant variety inspiration, (plants you won’t find at your local nursery) check out The Diggers Club.  I have purchased many seedlings and seeds from them and have always been delighted with the results.

Happy gardening.

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