ANZAC Day, Thoughts and Cookies

6 am I awoke not to a bugle but to the wimpers of a thirteen month old. As I climbed the stairs to her room, I reflected how lucky we were to be safe and free – thanks to generations of brave and selfless men and women.

Upon seeing my face, our little Miss smiled and I smiled with gratefulness. Grateful for their sacrifice.


Sculptor Alan Somerville and his miniature 'Unknown Solider' (full size stands at Sydney's ANZAC bridge).

This image was captured years ago for the Archibald.   It is still one of my favourite photographs captured and it is fitting that I share it today on ANZAC Day.


I finished the day baking ANZAC Cookies while thinking of the many mothers and wives who made them almost one hundred years ago.  Lovingly baked and packaged for soldiers at war – for their fathers, brothers, husbands, uncles and sons.



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