Worm Farms, Bokashi Bins and Compost Bins all Working Together

Yes if space is not an issue, why not to have them all?  Sure if you live in an apartment or have limited space, you probably won’t want a compost bin (see my post on worm farms and bokashi bins working together).

Now we have more space, we can have compost bins. This however doesn’t mean it’s goodbye to the worm farm and bokashi bins.

How they work together?

*  Bones and meat can’t go into the worm farm (wormies won’t eat them) or not advisable for the compost bins (attracts the rodents) but into the bokashi bins is fine.

*  Food that wormies won’t eat when placed straight into their farm (protein, dairy, citrus and onions), will be consumed after it has been in a bokashi bin for a month or two.

*  A layer of worm castings (broken down organic waste) and even some worms, are great to add to compost bins.  The worms and micro organisms will help break down your organic waste.

* Worm tea (worm wee) and worm castings (worm’s ‘number twos’) are very helpful in giving plants liquid fertiliser (tea and castings need to be watered down).


Bottom layer of our worm farm, is collected monthly (worm tea) – watered down will make a great liquid fertiliser.


Middle layer of our worm farm is where the worms mainly live.  This is where I collect the castings and some worms, every couple of months for the compost bin.


Also I add worm castings straight on top of the garden before adding mulch.  You will notice that some egg shells have not been eaten by the worms and there are a couple of chicken bones which originally came from the bokashi bins – it’s all good.

In short I love how my worm farm,  bokashi bins and compost bins all work together in recycling our organic waste into fertiliser for the garden.


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