Protecting the Garden from the White Fluff Balls

For months I have been battling with the introduced European Black Birds in our area.  They were eating my cherry tomatoes before I could pick them.

After losing every battle with them (clearly they are of higher intelligence), I decided on a compromise,  a truse.  Left over fruit, bread and veggies from our little one’s meal, is now thrown onto the ground for the black birds to eat.

Amazingly my arrangement with the birds is working however I can’t help feel I am enabling and encouraging their behaviour – it won’t be long till their friends and offspring hear about it too.

Now that the black birds are leaving our veggie patches alone, small white fluffy dogs have been causing me grief.  I guess I can’t blame our dogs Mini and Cooper, after all, up until recently they have been City dogs with no experience of large gardens.

This was the solution I decided upon to keep small dogs out of the vegetable patches (made from lattice off cuts we had in the garage).


Now to see if it will work in the coming days…….


Can you find both white dogs in this photo? (it’s like ‘find Wally’)

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