Waste, Resource or Opportunity?


A pile of kitchen organic waste is saved every day in our home.  For what most people consider is waste, we see as a resource.   A valuable commodity that feeds our 10,000 plus garden worms and compost bins.  This in turn feeds our gardens which of course feeds our family.

Dr James Bradfield Moody, co-author of the book ‘The Sixth Wave’, believes that the next big business market will be in waste. “Waste will be a source of opportunity”.

This opportunity will be at all levels; from global multinationals to small start up businesses.

I believe I may have stumbled across one such opportunity – a potential small business idea that utilises everyday household waste.

Recently I attended a ‘moving house’ garage sale, 30 minutes before it was due to end.  The garage sale resident told me “you have come at a good time…everything must go…just take what you want…anything you don’t take is going to the tip”.

We filled the car full of stuff we intended to keep and stuff I quickly thought I could sell on Ebay.  Even if I sell an item for $10, it would generate a 100% profit as I paid nothing for the item.

If you wish to have a similar experience,  you need to attend moving house garage sales (highly motivated sellers with limited time) PLUS arriving at the end of the garage sale advertised time.

It is a win win win situation.

Win for the owner, as no one really wants to see any of their once loved pocessions go to the tip (landfill).

Win for me or you as I consider it easy money.

And a win for the environment with it’s imitated resources.

Like Dr James Bradfield Moody, I believe that the next big business success stories will come from people who see waste as an opportunity in our resource limited world.

BTW check out Tushare – James Moody’s current resource sharing project.  Giving and getting free stuff with Australia’s fastest growing giving network.  Tushare is an easy way for people to give their remaining unwanted household items away after a moving garage sale – instead of taking them to the tip (of course my business idea still fits in nicely too). 

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