Worm Farms, Bokashi Bins, Compost and Worm Tunnels

Worm farms and bokashi bins were my chosen method for recycling our household kitchen organic waste, when living in the city.  (Check out the numerous posts on this subject – look through my post categories.)


Now that we have lots of space living in our semi rural home, I wanted to incorporate compost bins and worm tunnels to the system.

Compost Bins


I purchased two compost bins second hand from Ebay (only $30 for both of them together).  After reading extensively on composting,  I decided to keep it simple and jump straight in.

The first bin was positioned where a future garden would be established (in the sun).  Then I started filling it daily with our kitchen waste (everything except bones or meat – nothing to attract the rodents).  After a couple of days I added carbon matter (dead organic matter – dead brown leaves, shredded newspaper and even shredded egg cartons).  From here I could add another layer of kitchen organic waste over the next couple of days.  Follow this patten till the bin is full.  Allow the full bin to sit for weeks / months while everything inside breaks down to rich compost.  Hence the reason for buying two compost bins – while one is ‘sitting’, the other one is in the process of being filled with kitchen waste and carbon matter.

Worm Tunnels



A worm tunnel is just a worm farm dug into the ground.  Making one is so easy (limited only by your imagination).  I just used large old plastic garden pots.  Cut some holes on the sides and bottom,  then burried the pots directly into the garden bed.  Place a lid over them and hey presto you are done – you can now place your organic kitchen waste directly into the pots for your worms to eat and in return they will fertilise your garden.

Tips **

*  If your garden doesn’t already have worms you may need to add some to kick start the process.

* Don’t feed your worms citrus, protein, dairy or onions (they are a little fussy).


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