Eight Months in Our Semi Country Home

Eight months has flown since moving to our semi rural home.


Years of dreaming and planning has become our reality. Now our dogs can run around in their big garden (and soon our daughter will be joining them – only days or weeks till she is walking).

Since moving in, we have:

* Installed a 4.5 kilowatt PV solar system
* Installed 10,000 litre rain water tank
* Started our veggie garden
* Planted many fruit and nut trees
* I have joined the local Seed Savers group, CWAA group and Bub has joined a play group

Our little town, an hour and a half from Sydney has been so welcoming, kind and friendly.   Such a wonderful community to belong to.


3 thoughts on “Eight Months in Our Semi Country Home

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  2. Congratulations! A wonderful life. Keep up the great work, so good to have planted your own vegies and fruit trees. My brother has a small vegie patch in Mel, with a fantastic cage around it that can be lifted off on one side.
    My grandfather grew so many different berries and fruit in this manner on his farm in NSW although more like an enormous house with netting and a door to go in and out.
    I would love to have the space to grow more. Am frustrated that my courtyard will never let me grow coriander or dill with any success! Parsley and capsicum no issues.

    Just bought some Freggies fruit sacks yesterday from my local fruit and veg store to replace plastic bags to buy fruit and veg in. I take my own bags when I buy groceries. But if I don’t have enough and I have to use grocery store plastic bags I reuse all the bags I can..have found the best bin to fit them in is a rectangular bucket. Best bin I have had! And it has a plastic handle to carry it out to the main bin in.
    I have been teaching my kids as much as I can about recycling and the need to reduce our impact/footprint on the environment. It is so rewarding when you hear them make comments or decisions that show their concern. My daughter just won an award for designing a nude food certificate, and is an Environmental Awareness Captain. She is 10 years old and this achievement is really special to me.

    Parenting is so important, you will be an amazing teacher!

    Good luck with all that you do.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hello there Anna!! What a lovely comment!! Kind and inspiring words. I feel honoured you found my humble little blog and decided to share your story with me. Thank you. 🙂


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