Dairy Free Chocolate For Easter

Getting into the ‘commercial’ spirit of Easter is challenging with my dairy free, gluten free and diabetic diet.  Not to mention my concerns for animal welfare, plastic unrecycelable waste, use of unsustainable palm oil (destruction of the orangutan’s habitat) and fair trade for the cocoa growers.

The best chocolate for compassionate & health conscoius Australians is ‘Conscious Chocolate’.  However their website has disappeared anyone know anything about this? (see my link on left column)

Yesterday my cousin mentioned that Aldi where selling vegan chocolate eggs called ‘Choices’.


‘Choices’ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as there is no dairy or eggs.  The ingredients list doesn’t appear to contain palm oil.

However nothing is mentioned about fair trade for the cocoa farmers and the plastic inside packaging can’t be recycled.

The taste?  Yummy!  Yeah I confess I had to try one before Easter (for the benefit of this post of course).

My conclusion?   I am on the hunt to find Australian owned and made ‘Conscious Chocolate’ – brilliant tasting chocolate that won’t compromise any of my ethics.

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