A Unique Children’s Birthday, ‘Green’ Gift

Now that my little girl has turned one, all her friends are turning one too. Many birthday invites mean excitement (for us both) and of course pressies.

One birthday invitation came with the message to ‘not bring a pressie as their little girl already had so much’.  The birthday girl’s Mum was a dear friend who has an environmental conscious and hence I admired her position (and of course her one year old was too young to know).

As I still desired to do something special for the birthday girl, I spoke to my friend to check she would be happy with my idea (as I dearly wanted to honour her conscious).

My idea was to create for the birthday girl, her first edible garden.  Herbs that had strong smells, vibrant tastes in a bright and colourful container.  A gift to encourage the love of growing her own food as she gets bigger.



The garden even has a little bunny sign stating who the garden belongs to.  Do you have any other ideas for ‘green’ birthday pressies for children?

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