Starting Our Home Edible Garden

During my period of ‘blog silence’ we moved house.  After years of dreaming and planning we found and purchased our semi rural home.  Full of country charm, it met all the qualities we were looking for.

Despite the lack of sleep these couple of months (baby in the house), I have started one (of many to come) edible gardens.  Interesting that many cherry tomatoes have self seeded in this spot, indicating the pervious owners grew edibles too.

Drawing on a premaculture principle, this first garden has become a type of ‘mini food forest’. The concept is about allowing plants to go to seed and instead of pulling them out, they are left to encourage self seeding for next season.  Personally I have found my plants grow healthier and more productive this way.  After all seeds know what conditions are best to germinate in and hence when allowed to ‘choose’ will grow in the best spots available.   I just had to let go of my gardening need to control and have perfect vegetable rows.

Anyway here are some photos of my first growing edible mini food forrest garden patch. Heads up** not every plant is edible and it is still early days. Also the pottery plates conceal under ground worm farms (will share more on this later).

So rewarding to watch this space evolve.

The larger tomatoes just below are an heirloom variety (not found in stores) and were given to me and hence I am not certain of their name.   Can you identify them for me?








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