Is Your Home Gas Coming From Coal Seam Gas?

Wanting to ensure our home gas supply was not coming from coal seam gas sources,  yesterday I hit social media to investigate.

Kate (@kateausburn) on Twitter responded to my request for help.  She tweeted a link to an article from the anti coal seam gas organisation ‘Lock the Gate’.

Here is an extract:

“Red Energy and Momentum Energy are the only electricity suppliers we are aware of who say they do not buy electricity generated from CSG. These two suppliers are currently only available to customers in NSW, South Australia and Victoria.

If you are living outside of these states, another option to consider is switching to 100% Greenpower so that you can contribute to the growth in consumer demand for renewable energy.”

Next step for me is to contact these companies to discuss. I’ll update you with what I learn and decide to do….stay tuned.”


3 thoughts on “Is Your Home Gas Coming From Coal Seam Gas?

    • Good for you Charlotte. If more people choose 100% green power, then there would be even more incentive for big business to invest in renewable energy. Do you have Gas on at your home Charlotte? If so there is a good chance it is sourced from coal seam gas extraction methods (harder to find this information). I am just about to write an updated post about what we have decided to do. Thanks Charlotte 🙂


    • I am on this plan as well, unfortunately AGL is heavily investing in ramping up their CSG operations in Australia. I don’t want my consumer dollar going towards ruining this country, so I’m switching to Red or Momentum.


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