Big Life Changes Built on Eco Behaviours

While my three month old daughter feeds, I’m reflecting on our families recent changes.

There is nothing like a new born to test your eco behaviours (lack of sleep and stress, are strong motivators for buying landfill generating disposable nappies).  Despite the new challenges, I am proud our recent decisions are still being made with an eco priority in mind.

Here is a list of some earth friendly products & services we are using at home for our littlest family member:

Baby and Kids Market – A place to buy 2nd hand items

Lavenderia –  Cloth nappy rental & eco cleaning service

Moltex –  Eco friendly disposable nappies that are biodegradable

Wotnot – Biodegradable baby wipes & plastic bags

Preloved Maternity Boutique – Preloved maternity clothes

Ecostore – Eco friendly laundry products

Sunlight - the great dryer & whitener

Our washing drying on the clothes line because sunlight is a natural dryer and whitener


4 thoughts on “Big Life Changes Built on Eco Behaviours

    • Hellooooo Nevyn!!!! So good to hear from you (sorry it has been awhile since I posted). Thank you for your well wishes my friend (little one says thankyou too). How have you been?


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