My Kinder, Healthier and Greener Diet

Over the years of blogging, I have written a number of posts about a diet that is ‘greener’ and kinder to animals.  Reading through all those posts today, I found my journey of change interesting.  From a meat eater, to only buying free range meat, to no longer eating bacon and more recently, stopping eating all red meat.

Here are three post examples:

In July of 2008 I wrote ‘A Pig Feeling’ – not long afterwards I stopped eating bacon

In May of 2010 I wrote ‘Joe Ludwig, I’m Angry Our Cattle is Being Tortured’ – not long afterwards I stopped eating all red meat

In January of 2011 I wrote ‘Choose The Fish You Eat Wisely’ – about my decision to only eat sustainable seafood

What does my kinder, healthier and greener diet look like today?

* Still only buy and consume sustainable seafood
* 24 months on and I have not consumed red meat
* 51 months on and I have not consumed pork
* Only eat free range chicken & turkey & eggs
* Reduced by 50% the amount of diary consumed
* Growing organically in my backyard many of my own herbs, fruit and vegetables

Yes this diet is kinder on the planet and on farm animals but how is my health?  According to my doctor, my iron levels are high, cholesterol is great and I am healthier than she has ever seen me.

In conclusion I wish to thank Animals Australia for their dedication to creating a kinder world for all animals.  Their work was my inspiration to change (yesterday I decided to support them financially on a monthly commitment after watching their ‘Make It Possible’ video).

My dogs Mini & Cooper have inspired me to better a better, kinder human - thank you puppies!

My dogs, Mini and Cooper are my constant inspiration to become a better and kinder human – thank you puppies!

4 thoughts on “My Kinder, Healthier and Greener Diet

  1. Hi again Steve. That is a reasonable question and one I get asked a lot. Firstly for the record, I have never said that eating red meat is ‘wrong’ nor do I believe it.
    I made the decision that for myself personally, I wanted a diet that was better for my health, the environment & kinder to animals. It has been a journey of change, which I haven’t finished. For example since writing this post; I have now taken out all dairy from my diet. Yes I plan to stop eating chicken and maybe even sustainable fish in the future. ….stay tuned for future posts.


  2. Hi Sarhn, thanks for this article. I am going through a simillar journey. Every day I am more aware of the cruelty of people in this life. It is lovely to know that other people care and that I am not the only one appalled by all this. I just can not believe it has taken me over 30 years of life to start realising where my food came from, and it was also thanks to Animals Australia that I am changing my life.


    • Hey Krissy, thanks for your comment.

      Well done to you!! Don’t beat yourself up about taking 30 years to realise where your food came from. I have come to understand that compassion is like an onion skin – pull one layer back and you find another area needing to be challenged and changed. Focus on the good you are doing and then from a place of positivity, continue your journey of change and compassion. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂


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