Do You Really Need Cling Wrap?

Have you ever wondered what our Grandparents did before plastic?  I have pondered this very question and in doing so, have come up with simple solutions to remove single life ‘plastic’ in my life.

Firstly what is single life plastic? It is any plastic that you use once then discard e.g. shopping bags, water bottles and yes, cling wrap.

Cling wrap or as we call it here in Australia, ‘Glad Wrap’ was invented in the 1950’s and hailed as a ‘great invention for humanity’….but 60 years later can we say that statement is true?

Personally I believe the statement to be false.  If you are concerned with your own health, the health of our marine life and environment then you should consider removing or at least lowing the use of single life plastics in your life.

Here is a simple solution that I use at home, for ‘left overs’ without using cling wrap.  Turn a bowl or plate upside down and slide into the fridge.  Making a difference can be that easy.

A simple solution to keep left overs in the fridge without the use of plastic


6 thoughts on “Do You Really Need Cling Wrap?

  1. If you don’t use plastic shopping bags, what do you put your rubbish in? Don’t tell me you put it straight into the bin unbagged. That’s asking for rats.


    • Hi Steve, you have been busy – this is your third comment in three minutes on my Blog. Well done. To answer your question, all our kitchen waste is recycled in our bokashi bins and worm farm. This means there isn’t anything left in our garage bin that would ‘attract rats’. These days most items we buy can be placed into our recycle bin (our garbage bin often remains empty). For items that go into the garbage bin, are either put straight in or we reuse plastic bags that annoying still find there way to our home. Our goal is to have zero waste. We aren’t there yet but we are trying.


  2. couldn’t agree more- and why stop there? Do we really need disposable paper towels instead of reusable cloths? Does anything need to come in single use disposable containers at all? as you point out, we’ve lasted for centuries wrapping our grains in cloth, storing everything in tins, bags and jars. How short our memories are.


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