A Big Year For Being Green and Sustainable!

‘2011 is the best year of my life to date’ is the sign that hangs on my office wall.  It is a constant reminder to expect big things and to give constantly through out the year.

Now looking back at 2011, I am really proud of what I have achieved not only in my business but also for the environment, animal welfare and my community.  Here is just a glimpse:

*  Now only eat sustainable seafood

*  Shop more responsibly by purchasing items that are;  2nd hand, animal cruelty free, organic, recycled, sustainable, environmentally friendly, Australian made / grown & owned and fair trade

*  Attended and met great people at the EcoXpo

*  Met Tim Silverwood who inspired me to refuse all single life plastics

Bag It Movie & Tim Silverwood
Tim Silverwood’s Voyage to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

*  Supported the Wilderness Society by photographing their numerous actions

No to Reflex Paper – photograph men in lingerie
No to Reflex Paper – not happy clowns
My pledge against Reflex Paper and Officeworks
No to Reflex Paper & Officeworks – Send Off
No to Reflex Paper & Officeworks – Clean Up Your Act Officeworks
Saving the Pilliga State Forest

* Campaigned to Ban Live Export

Joe Ludwig
Julie Gillard

Attended Sydney’s Climate Change rally and despite the negative, angry backlash towards bloggers, I choose to write about it anyway

* Attended numerous City of Sydney ‘Live Green’ workshops on living a more sustainable life.  Learnt  more about how to make my own environmentally friendly cleaning products, growing food in pots and making my own organic potting mix

* Learnt about and was inspired by Collective Consumption

*  Took part in the City of Sydney Sustainability Leadership Program

*  Helped to establish with other local residents, The Green Square Growers

*  Became the ‘local hero’ in December’s edition of ‘Sydney Green Villages’

*  Together with others from The Green Square Growers and Friends of Victoria Park, presented to the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore

*  Stopped eating red meat (post still to come)

*  Reduced consuming dairy by 70% (post still to come)

*  Campaigned against Coal Seam Gas fracking on environmentally significant land and prime agriculture land (post still to come)

*  Working towards achieving my goal of growing lots of food  in our inner City home (post still to come)

*  Took time to ponder, laugh, enjoy my family & friends and have fun

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