City of Sydney, Sustainability Leadership Program

The last four months I have been involved in the City of Sydney, Green Square Champion program i.e. a sustainability leadership program for the inner City of Sydney.

The goal was to learn, grow and stretch ourselves with our sustainability knowledge and to also connect us with others in the community and the Sydney Council, that share our ‘green’ vision.

From this program, has come two distinct groups who are committed to building community projects.

The group that I am apart of and committed to support, is the ‘Green Square Growers‘.  Basically we are all about inspiring and supporting ourselves and our community in growing our own food.

Tomorrow night, our two groups will be presenting to Lord Mayor Clover Moore and to around 80 other people.  Yours truly will also be giving the opening talk (which will be straight after Clover speaks).

Not sure if I will be allowed but I’ll try to get a photo of the night to share with you.  Hey maybe one of me with Clover Moore?


6 thoughts on “City of Sydney, Sustainability Leadership Program

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  3. Hi Bern,

    Thank you for your well wishes. I am excited and a little nervous but that would be very normal. How is your business ‘Find a Uniform’ going? Just love the concept. Really great idea!


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