Top All Time GreenerMe Reader Is……..?

Over three years I have been sharing my personal journey to live a ‘Greener’ life.

Today I want to recognise the reader who has contributed the most to my blog in the way of comments.  This person irronically has really been there from the beginning of my green blogging journey.

I have never met this reader, although I consider this person to be a friend (my good cyber friend).

Over the years this reader has commented on my blog a WHOPPING 83 times!!!

GreenerMe’s top all time Reader is Nevyn.  You Rock Nevyn!


Gold medal for Nevyn


12 thoughts on “Top All Time GreenerMe Reader Is……..?

  1. Is there technical support? Can’t find the ‘Like’ button for the GAV and NEVYN Mutual Appreciation Society.

    I just had a look at Gavin’s site. OMG

    Thankyou Sarhn for pointing me there, and thankyou Gavin for sharing. I love that good info breeds good info. I feel very lucky to have found all of you.


  2. As I said when I first ‘met’ you Sarhn (only a few short weeks ago), your blogs are made even more amazing by the helpful and interesting discussions that follow. (I have noticed this across many WordPress blogs). I would also like to thank all the wonderful people that have added great information and ideas to help me on my lime green journey.

    I love that so many normal people are so in touch with the earth and other people. Renews my faith in human nature.


  3. Gav I can not wait till your next podcast! Looking forward to hearing you sing Mate!!

    Yes sorry Gav, Nevyn is right and we are on a roll (and having fun). You will just have to come to terms that you are an Australian Living Legend!

    This is the Gav and Nevyn Mutual Appreciation Society. 😉


  4. Hey you two! Don’t get too carried away.

    I am just an average bloke trying to do what is right, and taking all of you lot on our journey as well!

    However, I can sing, so maybe I will put down a track on my next podcast 🙂

    BTW, I love your work ladies!

    Gav x


  5. Yeah a Nobel Peace Prize! I am sure we could nominate him also for an Academy Award for his documentary videos.

    Gav do you sing?? What about a Grammy?

    Nevyn we are just getting started!


  6. Yeah Gav for PM!
    Gav for Australian of the Year!
    Gav for Father of the Year!
    Gav for Green Sustainable Person of the Year!

    Any other awards we could nominate Gav for?

    I like how you think Nevyn (my favourite little chatterbox) 🙂


  7. For the record I would also like to give a shout out to Gavin from

    Gavin is my 2nd all time contributor to my blog. I know Nevyn would agree with me that Gavin’s blog has been a huge source of help, inspiration and information on our green journey.

    Gav you are an Australian Living Legend!


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