Anti Reflex Paper Activism and Sydney’s Sustainability Program

Yes I am back from Las Vegas (tip…..what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas but ends up on Facebook and YouTube).

Upon returning I have been apart of the City of Sydney’s Green Square Sustainability Leadership Program.  I will be sharing more on this later, in future posts.

This week again I donated my time and skills as a photographer, and headed out with The Wilderness Society to photograph their ongoing protest against Officeworks and in particular Reflex Paper (paper produced through the destruction of Victoria’s native forests).

Here is my latest multimedia video.  It is a funny little video that kind of ‘has it all’……….beautiful ladies, dancing Australian native animals, police officers and even men dressed as French maids.

Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Anti Reflex Paper Activism and Sydney’s Sustainability Program

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  2. Hey Nevyn, that is really funny………it is a small world. I actually have an updated press release from Tim sitting in my email inbox that I need to read and respond too. I like that I am your ‘little birdie’. 🙂


  3. Hello there,

    I was only thinking about you the other day and wondering how your trip to Las Vegas was going. Guess what? My husband sent me an email link yesterday. It was to an artilce about Tim Silverwood’s trip to the Garbage Patch. Smug little me just had to tell him that I knew all about it. A little birdie filled me in ages ago.


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