Why Reflex and Officeworks Does NOT Deserve Australian’s Support

Since 2008, I have been writing posts on the issue of  Reflex Copy Papers. Almost four years later and my voice and determination has grown readily stronger AGAINST Reflex.  No company who destroys what very little is remaining of Australia’s Native Forests, deserves Australian’s support.

Reflex Paper are cutting down Australia’s Old World Growth Forests for copy paper.  Yes you did read that correctly………for copy paper!  Australia’s Wilderness is being destroyed, not for building hospitals or to find a cure for cancer but for copy paper!

The trivial matter to which our natural forests are being cut down, only encourages my determination to fight.  My mission is to make every Australian aware of Reflex’s contempt for our wilderness.  It is our wilderness……….it belongs to us and our future generations (and not their profits).

Yes Reflex has other sustainable options (sustainable plantations) but they prefer our native forests because they are cheaper (thanks to the Victorian Government).

Then there is Officeworks, who are the biggest retailer of Reflex paper and refuse to stop selling Reflex because they believe the consumer should ultimately be the ones to decide.

Well Officeworks I am the consumer and I have decided that your position (despite your environmental policies) are not good enough.  Therefore I have decided that I am not purchasing anything for you…….nothing at all.

Reflex and Officeworks, your contempt and indifference for Australia’s Native Forests will be your undoing.

Below is my most recent video capturing The Wilderness Society’s Protest against Reflex and Officeworks.

Do you need to buy office copy paper and care about Australia’s Forests?  Don’t buy any Reflex copy paper and don’t buy any copy paper from Officeworks.

Buy these copy paper brands (recommended by the Wilderness Society):
Fuji Xerox Recycled

My new supplier of copy paper is EcoOffice (great Australian owned company who does care about Australia’s native forests)

3 thoughts on “Why Reflex and Officeworks Does NOT Deserve Australian’s Support

  1. Um, Reflex is not made from old growth forest. It is made from a mix of plantation fibre and fibres from Victoria’s mountain ash. There is no old growth harvested in either source.


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