Big Red Dog Bath Tub

Do you remember that big red tub that I found on the side of the road?

Remember I mentioned it would make an excellent doggie bath tub and hence brought it home?  (I saved it from being chucked out and headed for landfill).

Happy to report, the big red tub has not only found a new home but has also found a new use.





The Dog Shampoo we used was supplied by a good friend of mine.  Made with goats milk and is soap free and has no harsh chemicals.  It is also pH balanced and is an Australian made and owned company.

If you are interested, here is my friend’s Facebook page (she sells the shampoo).

Pet Shampoo that is soap free, pH balanced, has no harsh chemicals and is Australian made and owned


4 thoughts on “Big Red Dog Bath Tub

    • Gav I still can’t get over why people throw away perfectly good items. Why would you send this huge red tub to landfill? We have to get back to our Grandparent’s thinking of saving and reusing. They had it right.


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