Look What I Found On My Morning Run!

Just about every week day morning, I take Mini and Cooper for a run before I start work.  While running, it never ceases to amaze me what I discover people in my local neighbourhood have thrown away.

It is not unusual for me to leave for my run with just two white fluffy dogs, yet return with two dogs and a good little ‘find’ that I have picked up along the way.

Just have a look at what I have found in the last two weeks.

A selection of things I have found people were throwing out in Sydney

Let me assure you that I am not a hoarder.   Everything I ‘pick up’ I have a need for (saves me money and the items were saved from landfill).  Read my recent post about our huge free ‘garage sale’ give away which will confirm that I often have massive clean ups.

Most of the items I pick up are garden pots that I re-pot, replant and add to our backyard courtyard.

Here are some of the garden pots (which have been replanted) that I have previously saved from landfill.

Cooper with some of our pot plants in our inner City of Sydney courtyard

My most recent find while on my morning runs, was a huge red tub.  I am sure everyone in the neighbourhood thought I was strange running along with two dogs and this huge red tub that I had picked up.  Thought this would make an excellent bath tube for Mini & Cooper as their old one died the other day.

Here is Mini checking to make sure she would fit inside (with a little help from Mummy).

Mini trying out her new 'doggy bath' which I found on the side of the road

Then today, I saw this on the side of the road:

Items being thrown out on the side of the road in Sydney

No I didn’t pick up the ink jet printer and the cute little white side table but hoping someone else does.

Here is a tip ***  If you do have stuff that you no longer need, instead of throwing it away, place a free ad in Free Cycle for your local area.  You will be surprised how someone will want it and will come by and pick it up from you…………..now isn’t that better than throwing stuff away?


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