An Easy Way To Help Save Australia’s Wilderness

Would you like to know a very simple and easy way to help save our native forests?

Sign the pledge that you individually or your business will not buy Reflex paper.

Join thousands of Australians asserting their commitment to sustainability and the environment by NOT purchasing Reflex Paper until its producer, Australian Paper, stops sourcing from native forests.  Sarhn McArthur Photography signed the pledge today.

Personally I am disgusted that Australian Paper (Reflex) would make the decision to continue to destroy Australia’s natural forests when there are other sustainable options.  Therefore I have decided Reflex does not deserve my support.

Below is my recent video capturing Wilderness Society’s Sad Clowns Protest against Reflex and Officeworks (who continue to sell Reflex paper).

You can see the photographs on my Sarhn McArthur Photography Facebook page (police were called to the Bondi Officeworks).




See Wilderness Society’s website for which office, copy paper they recommend us to buy.




7 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Help Save Australia’s Wilderness

  1. Nice of you to take down your first comment. I don’t really appreciate being accused of being a Reflex employee when I am actually working hard to try to increase environmental spend wherever I work. Just to confirm, I have nothing to do with Reflex, their companies, their shares or in any connection whatsoever. I don’t think I even know an employee.

    What frustrates me is that Reflex as a company has done bad things. I am not asking for Reflex to be supported. Please, protest them and choose not to buy their products unless they have recycled content. There is a fixation I keep coming up against that wants to bring Reflex to their knees. It is almost religious.

    I have work in many companies and I know that profit talks. If you want them to change show them that their environmental products sell and their other ones don’t. Please ask people not to buy the other products, but please ask them to purchase the better environmental purchases.

    Sadly, we both need to acknowledge that there is no great example in the Australian market that can supply the right grade of paper in the volumes needed. My approach is to try to show the one who can achieve this that it is their best economic outcome and they should head in this direction.

    Unfortunately, if your approach succeeds I fear we will simply buy imported recycled paper and increase our own landfill and create more carbon transporting this paper over the globe.

    Reflex recently asked for a commitment for continuing or increased recycled paper purchases from a range of users. Once they had this commitment they took it to their owners and won an increase in focus and investment in this plant. To me it is not perfect, but steps in the right direction. They appear to have also increased the percentage of post consumer content in the paper over the years. I feel my approach is slow, but succesful in creating a sustainable industry. I really hope other paper companies soon recognise the value of recycled paper and create facilities to produce it.

    Ultimately the best thing we both can do (and something I push as my highest priority) is to cease paper usage altogether. Digital copies, email, digital signatures (no need to print and sign forms or contracts). These approaches I am sure we can both agree on.

    Keep up the good work, but consider what you want the outcome to be. It may be that talking to Reflex and gaining commitment from them may get you what you want. As a photographer you may actually hold the key – exposure and marketing.


    • Yes I owe you an apology. Let me explain.

      Over the last two years across all my social media platforms, I have been attacked for my stand against Reflex. The comments are always the same i.e. if you don’t buy Reflex Recycled you are buying pre consumed paper that is destroying Australian and Overseas natural forests. You and I know that this is not true and I believe it has been a deliberate campaign.

      So when I read your comment at first, I read “So the solution is to buy overseas PRE consumer paper”. It was exactly 3am in the morning when I quickly sat up in bed and realised my error. Again I apologise, as your comment was very valid (one word miss read changed the whole meaning).

      As I mentioned in my comment above, we still do share the same concerns. We also are dedicated to get up and do something about it – thank you for being apart of finding a solution (even if we differ slightly on the direction).

      On a positive note, I believe the tides are changing and never before has the wider public been more aware and supportive of such issues.

      Thank you again for your comment and commitment to a positive change. 🙂



  2. So the solution is to buy overseas post consumer paper – potentially with the same problems but lets support the European industry and not Australian recycled paper industry? This means the waste that is being put into this paper would go to landfill. Excellent solution and kills the only option we have.

    Simple economics – if you make a company understand that a product is gold they will support it. If you stop buying it they will simply shut it down.

    Don’t attack the product you want because of their actions on other products. The green paper is a good initiative, just because it is not perfect don’t dump it. You are cutting off your nose to spite your face.


    • Hi procurementknowledgeNoel,

      Your point is valid and was once my concern too. When making informed decisions on buying ‘green’, often it isn’t clear and sometimes you need to choose a slightly better option which is still not perfect.

      For me I can not stand that Reflex is destroying Australian native forests. For this reason, I have backed The Wilderness Society’s movement to boycott all their products and volunteer my skills as a photographer to increase awareness on saving our forests.

      Yes I am therefore purchasing post consumed paper overseas from companies that are committed to looking after the environment i.e. choosing brands that are not cutting down native forests then putting out a token recycled paper product.

      At the end of the day, everyone needs to make their own decisions.

      I am sure if nothing else we can agree on the need to save native forests around the world.


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