Did You Attend the Climate Change Rally in Sydney?

Today was World Environment Day (happy World Environment Day to you!).

With camera in hand,  I caught a bus into Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park to attend the Climate Change Rally in Sydney.

To be totally honest, the climate change, carbon tax debate has been confusing (yes even to people who are committed to research it).  With Sydney’s Climate Change Rally approaching, I thought it was time to blog exactly what it was that I believed:

*  I believe climate change is occurring.

*  I believe that humans are contributing to our climate change.

*  I believe cleaning up pollution on Earth is beneficial to all (regardless of climate change beliefs).

* I believe we all need to make changes, not only personally but Nationally and Globally.

* I believe our current Government’s planned carbon tax is not perfect.

* I believe for most people, change doesn’t occur unless their back pocket is challenged.

* I believe any Australia carbon tax revenue, needs to be invested in environmental, sustainable projects and helping low income earners to ensure their well being.

* I believe a world with less carbon pollution, is a better world for our children.

Click here to read Greening of Gavin’s post on the climate change rally in Melbourne.  Leave a comment on Gav’s post and say hi from me.

13 thoughts on “Did You Attend the Climate Change Rally in Sydney?

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  2. The amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is 0.038%. The amount of carbon humans contribute of that is 3%. You are being hoodwinked into supporting the collection of your wealth to be given to the elite. If you really wanna get into an environmental cause check out a movie called “Gasland”…. that same ‘technology’ is currenlty being used in Queensland and the greenies aren’t even making a whimper about it.


    • Hi Bozzo,

      Did you watch the climate change debate on Insight (Australian Television) the other night by any chance? The percentages of carbon dioxide was a topic they particular focused on.

      I will make a note to check out the movie Gasland.

      Thanks for your comment.


    • Thanks Darren,

      As I hadn’t seen the movie Bozzo was referring to, I didn’t understand his issue. Yes I am surprised Bozzo that you haven’t heard the uproar from environmental groups and individuals about fracking and coal steam gas mining in QLD. It is certainly a hot topic in NSW and Sydney at the moment and everyone who is against it, appears to be pointing to Queensland as support for their argument.

      If this is a topic close to your heart Bozzo, feel free to add some more information in the ‘Ask Sarhn’ page of this blog. This is a topic I am currently reading and researching. I would be happy to read anything you had on the subject.


  3. Hi B,

    I am wondering how you have arrived at the belief that I have not done ‘some actual research of my own’?

    Thank you for adding the two links that ‘support your views’ on climate change. This however was the reason why your comment didn’t appear on this post straight away (your comment was automatically flagged as spam).

    I do remember reading through the ‘Global Research’ website some time ago and I will look through your other link, which I have not seen.

    On another note, if you really want bloggers to seriously consider your beliefs, then may I suggest you lose your anonymity. We have.


  4. Hi Dixiebelle, Thanks for reading. I have added your blog link to this blog and I have also added your blog to my RSS reader too.

    Darren that is my pleasure. 🙂


  5. Such a socialist lefty agenda. I suggest you do some actual research of your own before you go believing the “so called” concensus on climate change. Your rally was a BIG waste of time because, let me make this clear, IT WILL NEVER HAVE THE INTENDED EFFECT. Got it???



  6. Hi Gav, ohh thank you – much appreciated. I have just added a link on this post to your Melbourne Climate Change Rally report too. Love your comment about the ‘turtles always turn up to these events’. I didn’t see any turtles in Sydney so it must be a Melbournian thing.

    Thanks Darren, appreciate the encouragement and support. BTW I have just added a RSS reader app on my smart phone. Previously it has been hard to keep up with blog reading and commenting. Two days ago I actually added your blog into the RSS reader. Looking forward to reading your posts again Darren. 🙂


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