Does Julia Gillard Think, Ban Live Export Outrage Will Go Away?

Over 200,000 signatures have been presented to the Gillard Government, from across Australia, to Ban Live Export.  Yet our Government is strangely quiet?

From ‘inside’ feedback I have received, there are some within the meat industry that believe the anger people have, will quieten down soon.

Their thinking is that it is only the vegetarians, vegans and nutters who are outraged by the footage and therefore as the vegetarians and vegans are not the meat industries market anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

I am not a vegan and I am not a vegetarian and I am sure my regular readers will vouch for me, that I am also of sound mind. Therefore I can assure the meat industry that I am their market and I am disgusted by any indifference that anyone from within the industry may have to what is happening to our livestock export.

Furthermore Julia Gillard & Joe Ludwig you say you were unaware of our exported catttle being tortured, however you are fully aware now.

I am not going anywhere!  I also know GetUp, Animals Australia, RSPCA and 200,000 plus Australian voters are not going anywhere either.

Just to prove this and put some of my money where my mouth is, I have just donated towards having the Ad below put on TV (Ad created by GetUp, Animals Australia and RSPCA working together).

You can help by spreading this Ad through your social media networks (and of course old fashioned word of mouth).  If you can contribute a little towards putting this Ad onto Australian Television, that is fantastic too.

Yours in Loudness

Sarhn  🙂


Read my original post ‘Joe Ludwig I’m Angry Our Cattle is Being Tortured’

26 thoughts on “Does Julia Gillard Think, Ban Live Export Outrage Will Go Away?

  1. Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy
    reading your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same
    topics? Thanks for your time!


  2. Your stupidity is highlighted by your lack of educated articulation in the above dribble you call informative structural writing.
    If you so strongly believe animals deserve “rights” you truely are blind. and if you think all footage shown by the media on LE is horrifying then it is obvious you’ve never seen true suffering.
    “Animal Rights” is a logical phalacy. The concept of rights was invented by man and should extend no further. If u believe otherwise why is it not stated in our judiciary system that animals must follow the same laws we do? Or vice versa.
    We thought female rights was the end of the road, but animal rights hit the curb…
    And when indentifying pro LE supporters to animal liberators the differences are blinding. In a sense.
    Animal liberators are uninformed, undereducated (having studied meaningless subjects or simply gone through TAFE) and usually female (70%), or otherwise directed by their religious beliefs.
    But let’s not forget the fact that farmers are wealthy, a majority of the Australian population are made up of Indonesian and middle-eastern herritage, as well as the fact that the liberals will finally get back into power after another useless failed labour government.
    Oh and finally it doesn’t take a genious to realise that by banning live export, the situation will only get worse. South America is laughing at us with their hands outstretched ready to catch the dough…


    • Serious?, your rude comment doesn’t really deserve a response – hence my delay in responding.

      You will win few supporters by offending half the population with your argument i.e. “we thought female rights was the end of the road…..”

      You assume compassion equals ignorance. You are entitled to your beliefs as I am, however unlike you, I will not resort to giving personal insults to those who’s opinions differ from mine.


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  4. the ban on live exports is KARMA for the livestock industry that put meatworkers and abattiors out of work. they didn’t care if they lost their jobs then with families and mortgages. They were told to go get another job. Too bad that they’d worked all their working lives in the industry/


    • Hi Ros,

      I am not sure about Karma but I am in agreement with your opinion. It appears that many people against banning the live export trade have forgotten or are just not aware that the live export industry has cost hundreds of Australian jobs.

      Ros I want to see the banning on live exports, so we can better assure the humane treatment of the animals and in doing so give more jobs back to Australian abattiors and meat workers.

      Thanks for sharing your point of view – it is a view Australia needs to be reminded of.


  5. I think Banning live trade is NOT the way. Its a knee jerk reaction wanted by small minded individuals.

    FIX live trade dont BAN it, If you stop all trade out of Australia, cruelty will still occur, and you have made NO differance at all.

    Whats more, for the period where live trade was banned, thousands of cattle were left starving on properties with no rational plans to help them.

    FIX the dodgy areas and save the industry, Banning solves nothing, its how a two year old would respond to this problem


    • Jon I wanted to congratulate you on deciding to not be anonymous with your opinion. All negative feedback on this blog up to this point has been from people who are not brave enough to add their name to their voice. (I know only your first name shows on the blog but you have entered your full name and email address to leave your comment). You have my respect.

      I understand completely where you are coming from and your point about the cattle starving is concerning.

      Years ago when Australia banned live export to Egypt, sales for Australian slaughtered produce actually increased to the Middle East.

      The biggest understanding on Australian meat industry for me is; that the Australian live export trade is in competition with the Australian slaughter trade. As Australia has increased our live export trade to the overseas market, our Australian slaughtered trade has been in decline.

      I am on the side of banning live export because I believe it is more humane for our cattle and jobs will be created by supporting the Australian slaughter industry.

      Thanks again for your comment Jon – I appreciate it.


  6. I do not condone cruelty to animals, however I’m bewildered by people and organisations like RSPCA and GetUp, etc to be more outraged over cruelty to animals than those 80-120,000 human fetuses that got KILLED (aborted) every year in Australia and not making any noises. Is that hypocritical, esp. if any of those petition signatory condone, support or event practice abortion don’t you think?


    • Hi Jeffrie,

      You have a point of view, that I must admit, I haven’t heard in regards to this topic. I guess any time people speak out against a wrong, others may perceive it to be hypocritical.

      For example, there have been a number of people attacking me about writing this post since I am a meat eater (interesting enough I have not been able to eat red meat seeing the 4 Corners footage).

      This is the very reason I called this blog ‘Greener Me’ and not ‘Green Me’. Life is a journey and compassion often occurs in layers i.e. you peel one layer back to be more compassionate only to find there are other areas of your life that need addressing.

      On my journey I try to be positive and encouraging to those who haven’t ‘peeled as many layers’ as me, while always considering the points of view from those who may be further along in the peeling process.

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your concerns.


  7. Hi Have Mercy,

    Thank you for adding your link to the Ban Live Export Facebook page.

    I can not believe we are still waiting on the Gillard Government to make a comment. I can’t imagine how Lyn White must be feeling (the lady who captured the footage for Animals Australia).



    • I am sure you all have heard the announcement yesterday. Here is an email that I received from GetUp:

      Dear Sarhn,

      This morning Prime Minister Gillard announced an immediate suspension of live exports to Indonesia. To every single one of the 236,000 Australians who have been part of this campaign: congratulations!

      Last week, many of us across the nation were shocked to see footage recorded by the courageous team at Animals Australia in Indonesian abattoirs. So when Animals Australia and the RSPCA invited GetUp members to join the campaign, together we responded with the fastest growing campaign in GetUp history.

      Over 230,000 of us joined the petition to Julia Gillard and the Agriculture Minister in just one week. Not only that, but together we chipped in over $300,000 for rapid response TV and radio ads calling on the Prime Minister to end the cruel practice!

      Our friends at Animals Australia and the RSPCA have poured their hearts into this campaign. They have stood witness first hand to animal cruelty that most of us can barely stand to watch on a TV screen. The credit for today’s sucess belongs very much to them. But it also belongs to every single person who made this people-powered campaign such a force over the last week.

      Today’s announcement marks a radical improvement on the Government’s stance from just days ago. There can be no doubt that by creating a huge, hard-hitting advertising campaign and one of the largest petitions in Australian history, every single person involved in this campaign helped shift the Government from a quick political fix to a serious response.

      Sadly, there is no guarantee that there isn’t horrific animal cruelty happening right now in other countries because of the live export trade. That’s why it’s important to forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to sign the petition to end live exports too.

      This isn’t the end of our efforts to stop the cruel practice of live exports to Indonesia. Over the coming months we’ll continue to work closely with Animals Australia and the RSPCA to carefully scrutinise the Government’s commitment, and ensure that never again are Australian taxes allowed to fund such callous animal cruelty in these slaughterhouses.

      Campaigns like this are what GetUp is all about: hundreds of thousands of Australians joining together to hold politicians to account. It’s people power that works – and not just on this issue.

      Congratulations and thanks for being part of this,
      the GetUp team


  8. Hi Di,

    Thank you for your comment. I can ‘feel’ your heart and passion through your words.

    I just went into Twitter to get an update and here is what Animals Australia have said an hour ago:

    We’ve provided footage to all the Ministers – no word from Julia at all. Your guess is as good as ours! #BanLiveExport

    Thank you Di for taking the time to add your comment. 🙂


  9. I find it difficult whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian that its OK to treat animals like what is being done. I just wish that people all around the world would wake up and stop such incredible cruelty. If compassion isnt given to the animal kingdom what hope do we have as humans. I urge Julia Gillard to stop this live animal trade and how she allowed 3 more ships to take more animals to be tortured like this is beyond any sane thinking and feeling person. Get some heart.


  10. Hi Anna,

    Sorry for the slow response – I have been at the Climate Change Rally in Sydney and other environmental events today (both photographing and enjoying).

    Well done for taking action to write to your local MP and Julia Gillard.

    Apart from the Gillard Government suspending live export to the 11 abattoirs there has been no more response.

    I have been watching Twitter. Watching @juliagillard @animalsaus @getup and @RSPCA If news brakes you will hear it on Twitter first.

    Getup have now raised over $298 000 for the Ban Live Export Ad.

    Keep an eye on Twitter and especially GetUp, Animals Australia and RSPCA’s account – they are sharing ways to help make a change.

    Thank you for caring Anna 🙂


  11. I am so angry about this, thank you so much for donating money towards the
    add. I wish I could too but it is just not possible for me right now. I have signed the petition, and sent an email to Julia and a letter to Anna Burke my local MP.
    I am trying to spread the word for everyone to add their name, but we need action now.
    Has there been any formal response? I am not vegetarian but as I wrote before the discovery of cruel practices like this may sway a lot of people. I am willing to stop eating red meat in protest. I just want to know the best way to end this ASAP. I am deeply concerned and horrified.


    • gillars only trying to fuck this country more before she is voted out every 1 in the north of australia hates the cunt because what shes done to the livestock industrie here ther ar allready hundreds out of work here yes they need to fix the problem but what abut the meat works that r doing the rite thing ROT IN HELL GILARD AND LUTWIG U PICES OF DOG SHIT


      • Dean you may want to read my response to your comment above. I can tell from your IP address that you do live in country Australia – exactly latitude -27 and longitude 133.

        This is the only reason why I have not deleted your offensive language comment (because I want to be fair and hear views from those working in the live export industry in country Australia).

        Dean you are most welcome to add further comments and share your views (welcomed and encouraged). However if any future comments contains further abusive language, you can be assured that I will delete them.


  12. Hi Anna,

    Welcome to our little community and thank you for your comment.

    Yes I have been thinking the same way as you i.e. what will happen to the meat industry. I don’t know the answer to that but I know I would be willing to stop consuming red meat personally in protest.

    For now I am keeping a close eye on what GetUp, RSPCA and Animals Australia are saying and a closer eye on Julia Gillard and Joe Ludwig’s decisions (or lack of them).


  13. Love your words, have just liked you on facebook. Requesting all to be kind to all
    nature. It is such a cruel world and until people fight it it won’t change. We can do
    this, I am not a vegetarian but cruel practices like this may certainly change a lot of people very quickly. Imagine what that will do to our meat industry Joe? Julia?


    • its all rite for all u fuckwits to say this whatabout the peopel in the industry i will have no job soon i have morages kids to feed and school so get ue head out of gillars arse


      • Hi Dean,

        Despite your offensive language, I think your comment and point is valid. I understand why your anger is directed to people who have spoken out against the horrific treatment of the animals in Indonesia.

        Just for the record I have always believed Australian farmers do care for their animals and do share my horror at the footage captured on Four Corners.

        Dean I do know and understand that Cattle farmers and others in the industry are hurting. However my anger is directed elsewhere. The Meat & Livestock Australia and Live Export Industry are supposed to be advocates for Australian Farmers.

        At very worst they care more about profits then cattle and farmers. At very best they are incompetent because they knew these horrific activities were occurring, yet have done nothing to stop it. This is just pure negligence. Negligence because their indifference and incompetence alone is responsible for the backlash, the overseas ban and also the reduction in meat consumer demand locally.

        I am dumbfounded that they didn’t expect the occurrences that followed the screening of the footage. Their indifference angers me.

        Dean for what it is worth, I am so sorry for the hardships that Australian Cattle Farmers and industry workers like yourself are facing because of this ban. I do hope that real solutions can be found however I draw the line at supporting any solution that profits for the horrific torture of cattle.


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