Joe Ludwig, I’m Angry Our Cattle is Being Tortured

Many people have been asking me today about my thoughts about the Animals Australia footage, shown on 4 Corners last night (about the torture of Australia’s exported cattle in Indonesia).  Sickened and very angry I have been tweeting and emailing.  Here is my email to Australia’s Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig:

To Joe Ludwig,

I am emailing you so to add my name in support to ‘Ban Live Export’.

Yes I watched 4 Corners last night and yes I am sickened and really angry about it.  Hasn’t Australia spent millions of tax payers money in educating these abattoirs already?

I choose to believe you were not aware of the sickening torture of Australian cattle in Indonesia before the Animals Australia footage was viewed on 4 Corners last night.  This however means that if Australia’s Minister for Agriculture was ‘in the dark’ about these horrors, then I would argue that tax payers money to educate and improve conditions for our cattle in Indonesia has been wasted.

I have lost confidence that Australia can control or ensure the humane treatment of our exported livestock, once overseas.  For this reason I support the Ban on All Live Export from Australia.  I will not support any industry in Australia that profits from the suffering of any person or animal.

I’ll be watching with great interest and dedication, the decisions made by the Australian Government on the future of the Live Export Trade in Australia.

Thank you for your attention.

Sarhn McArthur

Want to do something to help?

1) Did you miss 4 Corners?  As distressing as it was, it is a story that needed to be told.  Click here to watch it.

2) Email Joe Ludwig (Minister for Agriculture)

3) Let Julia Gillard know your thoughts

4) Sign the Ban Live Export petition

5) Watch Animals Australia & RSPCA Ad (and donate towards having it aired on TV)





10 thoughts on “Joe Ludwig, I’m Angry Our Cattle is Being Tortured

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  4. Thanks Nevyn,

    I have just added a number ‘5’ on my list of things people can do to help.

    GetUp along with RSPCA and Animals Australia have created an Ad that people can add on their blogs & social media sites etc.

    I have donated some money towards getting this exact Ad put onto TV.

    As the Government remains silent we will just grow louder.

    Here is the link for easy reference

    Thanks again for your encouragement Nevyn 🙂


  5. Yep, you are definitely of sound mind. On the other hand I am not but I am a carnivore who saw less than 5 mins of 4 Corners and I plan on having something to say as well. All I have to do is try and sit through the whole report and then get someone to help write a few letters that doesn’t involve and swearing and insults directed at politicans.

    It’s people like you who bring about change so I’m glad you have no intention of quietening down.


  6. Nevyn,

    I actually have no doubt that there are those within the meat industry and Government who knew exactly what was going on. There were people on 4 Corners who admitted this.

    However, going forward is what I want to personally focus on. What worries me more is the ‘inside’ feedback I have just received. Apparently there are some within the industry that believe the anger people have will quieten down soon.

    Their thinking is that it is only the vegetarians, vegans and nutters who are outraged by the footage and therefore as the vegetarians and vegans are not the meat industries market anyway, does it really matter.

    Nevyn, I am not a vegan and I am not a vegetarian and I am sure you will vouch for me that I am also of sound mind. Therefore I can assure the meat industry that I am their market. Furthermore I am disgusted by any indifference that anyone from within the industry may have to what is happening to our exported livestock.

    I am not quietening down any time soon!


  7. Hi sarhn,

    I only caught the end of 4 corners when it was repeated on Tuesday night. That was enough for me. I still can’t get the image of that last poor cow who had seen all the others before it slaughtered and carved up.

    Unlike you I find it hard to believe that the minister was in the dark. You would think that if you were spending money on these abbitiors that you would check to see how the money is spent. If he was truly in the dark then as the Agricultural Minister that is inexcuseable. He or his department should have been seeing that the money they were giving away was been spent properly. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    I’m more cynical than you, I think he was aware of it but chose to ignore it. After all, all those millions of dollars made from the cattle is more important than the humane treatment of a dumb animal. (dripping with sarcasm)

    I’ll definitely be putting my name to that petition but as for writing letters to the Minister and Prime Minister I’m afraid my disgust for all politicans would make it impossible for me to write a constructive letter.


  8. Everything said in the above letter we agree with. We can also add that each year aproxximately 1000 cattle and 40 000 sheep die at sea in the live export trade, This is totally unacceptable. The animals must be processed in this country.
    If the Indonesians don’t like meat frozen, it can b chilled, distributed in chilled trucks to the areas where they want fresh meat, and they have fresh meat as required.


  9. Here is my email to Prime Minister Julia Gillard (sent this morning 31.5.11):

    Dear Prime Minister Julia Gillard,

    Last night I again had very little sleep due to my distress and anger towards how our cattle are being treated in Indonesia (I saw the horrific footage captured by Animals Australia shown on 4 Corners).

    Please stop all live exports to Indonesia immediately. To be honest I have lost confidence that Australia can ensure humane treatment of all our livestock exported overseas (and not just Indonesia).

    For this reason I would like to see a Ban on All Live Export. I am disgusted that any Australian industry would profit from the suffering of these animals and I am enraged that people from within the industry mentioned on the 4 Corners report, that they knew this treatment was occurring.

    Both the Labour and Coalition Governments have spent millions educating and trying to improve conditions for cattle in Indonesia. This obviously has failed. It is time to stop exporting cattle to Indonesia.

    The Coalition Government stopped all live export to Egypt immediately upon seeing the footage taken by Animals Australia of the horrific treatment of cattle. Lyn White mentioned on the news last night that the footage she captured in Indonesian was far worse than she could ever imagine and certainly far worse than what she captured in Egypt.

    I would expect that the Labour Government would be equally quick to ban all live exports to Indonesia (not just 11 abattoirs) as Animals Australia have reported the torture of cattle is wide spread throughout Indonesia.

    I employ you to watch the 4 Corners report (if not already) and then move immediately to ban all live export to Indonesia.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Sarhn McArthur


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