Save Wilderness, Photograph Men In Lingerie

Truth be told, I was also photographing women in lingerie (but that wouldn’t fit as a post title).

Today I was invited by the NSW Wilderness Society to photograph the ‘behind the scenes’ of their protest against Reflex and Officeworks.

Why is the Wilderness Society protesting against Reflex and Officeworks?  Because Reflex is destroying Australia’s magnificent natural forests with their copy paper products and Officeworks are of course selling Reflex copy papers (there are a number of Reflex copy paper products).

Even though Reflex produces a 100% post consumable recycled copy paper (Australia’s Native Forests are not used in this product) HOWEVER their other products are destroying Our Forests!

The theme for today’s protest was ‘Victoria’s Secret’ (hence the lingerie).  Who said saving Australia’s wilderness couldn’t be fun?  I had so much fun hanging out with everyone from the NSW Wilderness Society and taking these photographs today.  Don’t believe me that this was fun?  Check out my short YouTube video.

See more images on the Sarhn McArthur Photography Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Save Wilderness, Photograph Men In Lingerie

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