Bag It – Is Your Life Too Plastic?

Is our lives too plastic?

Environmentalist and co-founder of ‘Take 3’, Tim Silverwood thinks so (and so do I for that matter).

In July 2011 Tim plans to set sail on a plastic waste discovery voyage.  Setting sail from Hawaii and heading to Vancouver, Tim will be researching plastic pollution found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (huge plastic ocean  ‘soup’, twice the size of France).

To raise money for the voyage, Tim will be showing the award winning, environmental documentary ‘Bag It’ at the Chauvel Cinema Paddington (Sydney) on the 25th of May (7pm).

Not only will the documentary be shown but Tim will also be guest speaking about his upcoming voyage.

I have just purchased my ticket to attend. (once you have clicked on link, click on ‘buy tickets online’ then from the ‘cinemas’ pop down menu, select ‘NSW’ and then ‘Chauvel Cinema’.  From here scroll down to select date and movie)

Who would like to come with me?

More information check out the event Facebook page.

Tim will be hosting these events at a number of other venues in NSW – click this link for venue details Bag It – fundraising event for Tim Silverwood and Take3


4 thoughts on “Bag It – Is Your Life Too Plastic?

  1. Hey Tim, I will look forward to meeting you at the Sydney screening. Really wish you all the best with your fundraising endeavors and your voyage.

    Bon Voyage


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