Choose the Fish You Eat Wisely

Would you like a very easy way to make a positive impact on Australia’s oceans? (well for that matter the world’s oceans)

This is something I have had on my to do list for months to research – What fish should I be ordering at a restaurant or what should I be avoiding at my local fish & chip shop?

The answer is very easy to find thanks to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, who have released the ‘Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide’ online.

It took me less than 2min to go to their online guide and do a search of  ‘Better Choice’ fish to buy.

Here are just some fish species that I discovered are a better choice in regards to fish sustainability for Australia:

  • Wild Australian Salmon (Eastern Australian Salmon, Western Australian Salmon)
  • Wild Australian Sardine ( also known as Pilchards but make sure they are wild from Australia)
  • Wild Bream
  • Wild King George Whiting
  • Wild Leatherjacket
  • Wild Mackerel
  • Wild Mud Crab
  • Wild Mullet
  • Australian Farmed Oysters
  • Wild Squid, Calamari, Cuttlefish, Octopus, caught in Australian waters
  • Wild Tailor
  • Wild Trevally
  • Wild Whiting

The guide also lists fish to think twice about and fish species to say “no” to buying.

“The fish we choose today will directly affect the health of our oceans tomorrow.” Australian Marine Conservation Society

Remember we are not the only species on Earth that relay on the ocean, or on a healthy and abundant fish supply.

8 thoughts on “Choose the Fish You Eat Wisely

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  5. So Nevyn is the first comment you?

    Well it was a very good question whoever it was from i.e. is there going to be any food we can eat that is sustainable?

    My personal belief is swaying to the ‘no’ side IF the world continues to grow in population while continuing to consume the earth’s resources at the same rate (or even a reduced rate). I think population growth is the biggest environmental problem the world faces today because every other environmental problem results from it.


    • yes that was me. I couldn’t work out how to delete it. WordPress befuddles me.

      I’m slightly in shock that I asked a good question. That’s my quota for the next 3 months.


  6. Hi Sarhn,

    I was surprised to see Mud Crab on that list. I’ll have to check out that site. We don’t eat a lot of fish, mainly because my husband used to go catch his own and can tell the difference between fresh and ‘fresh’. We no longer buy prawns because of that.

    My question is, is there going to be any food we can eat that is sustainable?


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