Watching the Sky

The very first lesson I learnt at the Queensland Colledge of Art (Griffith University) while studying photography was, the sky is not blue but cyan.

Ask any child and they will tell you, that in fact the sky is blue and it is fun to watch the clouds go by on a sunny day.  Many adults have forgotten the joy of lying back in green grass, while gazing above at large white cumulus clouds and dreaming.

In the last couple of weeks I have personally rediscovered this simple enjoyment.

Every week day, myself and Mini & Cooper (the puppy dogs) accompany my husband as he walks to the train station.  On arriving back home (before starting my work day), I have been heading outside to our back courtyard.  On the right hand side of  our courtyard is an excerise bench like you would see in any fitness gym.  I have my little exercise routine that I complete and enjoy but one exercise in particular is my favourite.  It is towards the end of the routine when I lay on my back while lifting weights up and over my head.  During this time I am able to look up at the sky and watch the clouds and any passing birds.  This is bliss.

This morning it was raining in Sydney and I lay watching the dark clouds as the rain fall on my face while thinking “when did the rain stop being fun in my life”?  As a child I would jump in any large puddle with my gorgeous yellow gum boots that my mother purchased for me.  One day my older brother & I actually ran home from school laughing in the rain and I also remember that I would often watch the rain hit the windows on very wet Saturdays when we were all home together as a family.

Today, I again remember the simple enjoyment of rain.

The reason for me sharing these thoughts with you today, is because I am happy with the direction my life has been heading.  I know I haven’t been sharing much of my thoughts, goals, actions or even decisions of late but next year things are going to change and I look forward to sharing these changes with you.

2010 has been a year of slowing things down and taking much time to ponder and discuss with my family “what type of life do we want to live?”.  2011 will be an exciting year because we plan to put into action what we have decided upon.

I AM happy, I AM enjoying life, I AM taking the time to smell the roses, enjoy the rain and watch the sky.

The above video is the view from my exercise bench (footage taken last week on a lovely sunny spring day).  Even though we live in one of Sydney’s inner suburbs, you can still hear the birds.


2 thoughts on “Watching the Sky

  1. Yes Nevyn I have….I breath easier and deeper.

    Got to say I think you now hold the record for the fastest comment to appear on a new post. I think you added this comment within 5 mins of the post going live………..that is cyber ninja status!


  2. Bugger! I just lost my comment. Probably just as well, I was been a smart alec. Something to do with a remark about the sky actually been black, not blue. That’ll teach me.

    I so get what you’re saying. I love staring up at the sky, especially at night time. I like to imagine what kind of wonders are out there. Cloud gazing is another favourite. Funnily enough, I am yet to see a bunny rabbit cloud. Have you noticed that when you do lie back and stare up at the sky that you breathe easier?


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