What are your I AM Statements?

On my office desk, you will find a greeting card positioned just above eye level from my main computer screen.  The photograph on front of this greeting card, is a constant reminder of a day when I was very joyful and happy.  This photograph makes me smile every time I see it.

On the inside of the card are many sentences or to be more accurate, personal statements.  I call these statements; ‘I AM statements’.

For me these I AM statements are kind of like personal instructions for my life, written in the present tense, regardless if they are currently true.  It is a way for me to help identify and then focus upon the person I aspire to become.  A constant reminder of the direction I want to move towards and the person I AM.

In the spirit of being open and honest in my blog, I wanted to share some of my personal I AM statements:

I AM free.

I live a sustainable life.

I care for animal welfare.

I love being a blessing in other’s lives.

I love watching my dogs play in our huge back yard.

I AM fit, strong and healthy.

I AM surrounded by inspirational and motivational people.

Not all these statements are currently true (my dogs only have a small courtyard to play) and some of them are a ‘work in progress’.  I have many of these I AM statements and I read them out a loud to myself and visualise their meaning in my imagination, before starting each work day.

The last I AM statement is currently my reality.  I actually believe that there are millions of good and inspirational people living in the world, many of which I am grateful to know.  I am constantly meeting more inspirational people because I am looking to find them.  I am looking to find them because I have a belief that they are out there…..every where!

Here is one of my recent inspirational people meetings:

Two weeks ago I met Todd Montgomery at a business networking meeting in the inner City of Sydney.  We agreed to meet up in the next coming days to continue our conversation and decided to meet in Manly for a hot chocolate (who needs coffee when you can meet for hot chocolate – so much more fun!).

Towards the end of our conversation (which I found fascinating and inspirational) Todd pulled out a sticker and said “buy a save the Koala sticker because they need our help”.  He then proceeded to inform me of what he is doing to help save the Australian Koala.  I listen intently, enjoying the realisation that I have not only just met another inspirational person but also a ‘kindred spirit’.

I wanted to end this post by asking you “what are your I AM statements?”

2 thoughts on “What are your I AM Statements?

  1. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you for your comment and link back to the Australian Koala Foundation website. I remember buying a T-Shirt when I was about 12 with the ‘Save the Koala’ on it. It was my favourite T-Shirt and I wore it everywhere. Thinking I need to buy another one and wear it around again. Love your website and shop.


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