We survived the Sydney flash flood

No I haven’t died and no I haven’t lost my green journey passion but it has been awhile since I have shared a personal GreenerMe post.  Thank you to my faithful readers who emailed me to check if I was ok.

In fact I was ok, just needing to focus in getting through a very interesting time.

Our home was one of the inner Sydney houses that had the flash flood come through a number of weeks ago.  We needed to pack up everything and vacate until repairs had been carried out.  Two weeks ago we were allowed back and hence we had to pack up again and move back everything we owned.

Thought I would share with you, Mother Nature’s welcome home gifts.

Orchids grown in a garden pot in Sydney Orchids in flower grown in garden pots in Sydney

Baby manderines grown in garden pots Baby manderine grown in garden pot in Sydney

Though this has been a very stressful time, I decided to use the situation to have a huge clean out of unused stuff that my family and I have accumulated.

Check out our hallway of all the boxes full of stuff that we are going to give away.  We will use FreeCycle again to do this.  We will advertise a FREE garage sale i.e. everything will be free.

Boxes of stuff we will be giving away in our free garage sale in Sydney

It is good to be home again.


4 thoughts on “We survived the Sydney flash flood

  1. Funny thing Nevyn, I thought to myself “I wonder if anyone will ask me if I am giving away Mini”. No one has……….. just Nevyn!

    It’s good to be back. Thank you for your email and for caring.


  2. Thanks Gav

    It really is good to be back at home. Hey funny thing, we were back for one week when Sydney had a really bad wind storm. The wind blew off our carport roof. I think it is getting dangerous living in Sydney. 🙂


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