Power of Belief

I have been thinking extensively on the subject of beliefs and how they can serve us well or unknowingly limit our potential.   Some beliefs are obvious to us and hence we are aware of them and maybe even talk about them to others.  However there will be other beliefs that are not obvious.  They are hidden from our awareness although we act through them without ever realising it.

A good example is if I had a belief that I could not do anything to improve my situation in life.  Ironically this belief will sabotage any attempts I make to try to improve my situation in life.  The outcome is that my life doesn’t improve and therefore my belief is reinforced as true.  See the cycle?  See how important it is to be aware of our beliefs and to challenge the beliefs that do not serve us?

For me it is important to constantly look at my beliefs – the obvious ones and search to find for the hidden ones.

So in the spirit of being open and honest (my blog motto) here are some of my beliefs that I am aware of and that serve me well.  I can highly recommend writing a belief list for yourself – very liberating!

I believe that there is more good in the world than bad

I believe anyone can do anything they set their mind too

I believe every person is unique

I believe my friends are family I get to choose for myself

I believe the journey is just as important as the destination

I believe I can learn from every person

I believe life is more about the adventures and relationships you have, than the possessions you acquire

I believe it is important to listen to our ‘little inner voice’

I believe I will receive exactly what I give to others

I believe every day is a brand new day and a gift to be grateful for

I believe every year is the best year of my life

I believe success is measured by the amount of joy in your life

I believe nothing new can come into my life unless I am grateful

I believe nature and earthly resources are a gift to appreciate and treasure for future generations

I believe in fun and laughter

I believe in celebrating life now

I believe our thoughts and mind are our greatest human power

I believe everyone has the desire to love and be loved

I believe pets teach us unconditional love

I believe all animals deserve respect (yes even those who die so we can live)

I believe Kraft still has the opportunity to be creative and to seize the opportunity to show their Australian market that they do care about Australia  (read my past post on Kraft)



4 thoughts on “Power of Belief

  1. Hey Nevyn,

    Yep heard dilly squat, zippo, a big nothing back from Kraft.

    Frankly I am tired of companies ‘prending’ to be Australian. As you already know I didn’t have strong feelings towards Kraft before the boxing kangaroo stunt……………and now…………..I feel even less.

    Sad Kraft had a golden opportunity (and still do………hint hint Kraft)


  2. That’s a good list you’ve got there. I think it would be a bit unwise for me to write a belief list, given that I’m a cynical, cranky old bag.

    I take it you still haven’t heard from Kraft.


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