Thinking of February

Just a quick post so you don’t think I have run away.  Some pre warning that February is going to be HHhhhuuuugggeee for me with work – I’ll be in Perth, Brisbane and perhaps Melbourne too.

Regardless I am committed to continually finding balance and hence this quick post.  Though I may not have as much time to write, I always find the time to think.

Currently on my mind is:

* Earth Hour is on the 27th of March and my 20 year high school reunion is also on the 27th of March.  Thinking it might be really interesting to do some quick video interviews on the night.  What our generation thinks about climate change, sustainability etc and has our thinking changed in 20 years?

* Sydney’s Live Green House  will be at Belmore Park (near Central Station) from 12-14 February.  I missed the last one and I don’t want to miss this one.  I just believe there will be so much information that I have been looking for at the one place at the one time  i.e. growing our own food, saving water, solar electricity.

* I have purchased (well given – but I will explain this more in an upcoming post) more environmentally friendly down lights.  Using our electricity meter I want to measure the before and after installation watts and of course write a post about it.

* A million other things running through my mind.


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