There is one in every photograph

It is not unsual that while I am photographing a wedding, that one of the guests will try to pop up behind a family photograph.  It is also not unusal during a outdoor family portrait sitting, that a complete stranger walks in front of me to find themself in my photograph. 

Amber my cousin emailed me this photograph and I laughed at the realisation that even animals try to get into photographs.

It is nice to enjoy the lighter side of life.  Hope you find the funny side of this photograph too.

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6 thoughts on “There is one in every photograph

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  2. Hi Tricia & Nevyn,

    It brings a smile to my face. I think the seal is even laughing………..cheeky little guy knows he is being naughty. I just love him for jumping into this photograph. Just would not have been the same image without his smilling little face.

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


  3. I love it!!!! There was some mad cackling coming from the bedroom (me).

    I was wondering where the photo hog was and kept looking at the sea, then I finally scrolled down far enough and there he was. So cool.

    That photo is the next best thing to actually been there.

    He’s sooooo cute.


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