Sarhn as a Na’vi

I was thinking about Nevyn’s desire to live with the Na’vi tribe from Avatar. 

After writing my last post, I wondered what I would look like if I too joined the Na’vi tribe?

Just for fun here is what I would look like. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Sarhn as a Na’vi

  1. I’m game.

    Let’s see, I haven’t allowed any photos to be taken of me for the last 2-3 years. And here I am agreeing to take a photo of me looking into a camera. I never look into a camera. I’m scared of breaking it. I quite like my camera, it would be a shame to lose it. sigh

    I might need some dutch courage for this one. (aka pepsi max and chocolate)


  2. Hey Nevyn, I had a funny idea late last night. Do you want to know what you would look like as a Na’vi too?

    If you are feeling brave send me an email of yourself looking straight at the camera. I will turn you into a Na’vi too. I will then email it back to you and you can do what you like with the image.

    Only if you want to……………..but it could be fun!


  3. I think your husband only need be concerned if you paint yourself blue, dye your hair black and braid it and make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to make a tail for you.

    Now that I think about it, a tail might be fun. You could flick unsuspecting passersby with it. Not painfully, of course.

    I think you might have to debate it, alot 🙂


  4. Delusions are fine Nevyn as long as you know them to be.

    My husband is a ‘wee little bit concerned’ by the photograph. He thinks perhaps I am starting up a ‘Treaky’ like obsession.

    Nevyn, if we start our own Na’vi language and partake in dressing up, then it is safe to say we have a problem (but I could debate it if you want 🙂 ).


  5. Very cool. Love the ears.

    I keep trying to tell myself that we already live on a world like Pandora, it’s just that we don’t ‘See it’. It’s not really working, I’d much rather be like the Na’vi and live in their world. They definitely have something that we don’t.

    And yes, I do realise it’s just a film but I’m allowed to have my little delusions 😉


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